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Vermietung elektronischer nachwuchs hunde durch ultraschall 1 elektronische haufigkeit 5m repousseur hund dazzer dazzer


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Dimension 116x57x32mm . Weight 200gr
1 FREQUENCE ULTRASONIC DOG REPELLER, 5m Ultrasonic repeller ULTRASONIC DOG REPELLERS 1 FREQUENCE ULTRASONIC DOG REPELLER, 5m Ultrasonic repeller ULTRASONIC DOG REPELLERS ULTRASONIC DOG REPELLWHEN MAN'S BEST FRIEND IS LESS THAN FRIENDLY HELP IS TO HAND WITH THE DAZER !- Handheld ultrasonic aid todog deterrence - Easy and quick to operate - Compact, lightweight plastic unit - Handy clip for belt - Works up to 5 metres (15ft) - Helps protect your own dog - Completely harmless to animals The DAZER was tried and tested by Mr Terry Singh, B.E.M. Dog Warden Service Manager, City of Bradford Metropolitan Council. The Dazer has proven to be the most effective aid to dog deterrence available. This device can be used for most aggressive dogs that may be on the attack and if used properly can stop the dog by a high frequency signal, says Mr Singh. The pocket-sized Dazer works by emitting ultrasonic sound bursts which can help to prevent the approach of unwanted dogs at distances of up to 5 metres (15ft). The high frequency sound bursts are inaudible to humans but are clearly heard and disliked by dogs. The sound bursts do not harm dogs but causes them discomfort. As a result the animal stops, makes a detour or retreats. DAZER -THE FACTS Any responsible adult who wants to avoid contact with most aggressive dogs will find the Dazer helpful - particular service workers, sales and delivery people, walkers, joggers, cyclists and the elderly. Help protect your own dog as well from other aggressive dogs. Useful for stray cats too at distances of up to 13 metres (40 feet). The Dazer is used by various Government Authorities, Town and City Councils, Mail Delivery Services and Utility Co's worldwide. Ten of thousands of Dazer's have been sold to the general public including Animal Welfare, Doctors, Vets, Cyclists, Walkers, Dog Owners, etc. The Dazer is a compact, battery operated, handheld unit, measuring approx. 11 1/2 cm X 3 1/2 cm (4.5 inch x 2 x1.25 inch) and weighing 122 grams (4.3 ounces). It is made of tough plastic and comes with a steel clip to fit onto a belt or other clothing for easy access. The Dazer is easy to operate, the user simply points it at the dog and presses the built-in button for 2/3 seconds. A red LED light indicates that the Dazer is functioning properly. A burst of ultrasonic sound is emitted at a high frequency when the button is depressed. The closer the animal gets the more intense the sound becomes. The Dazer must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, cautions and warnings, a copy of which is supplied. The Dazer is not designed to be effective against all dogs which include docile, deaf, infirm and highly trained dogs.Customer Feedback from using the Dazer device. One Scotland Yard Drug Squad officer said there are big dogs like Rottweilers, Alsations or Pit Bull Terriers on almost every raid we were amazed at how well DAZERS worked. (DAILY MAIL) Canada post cares about the safety and well-being of its employees and that's why we got the DAZER. It certainly makes it safer to delivery the Mail. (H. PHILLIPS, DIRECTOR OF SAFETY - CANADA POST) We have now issued DAZERS to Meter Readers throughout the North East Region the DAZER has provided the best defence against dog attacks they have ever used. (N WARD - BRITISH GAS N.EASTERN) 1995 A Take-it-Away Travel Product of the Year. (DAILY TELEGRAPH) It does everything the manufacturers claims, it is an amazing little gadget- Light as a feather, but the toughest, meanest dogs back off. (N. WILSON - AUSTRALIA POST) Our Meter Readers are pleased with them because they are silent and very effective. (R. MULLENHOUR - SOUTH CALIFORNIA EDISON CO.) With the thing in my pocket I was John Wayne! (N. ROE- THE INDEPENDENT) The DAZER appears to provide a good efficient deterrent to dogs approaching our employees. (T. DAVIES- MIDLANDS ELECTRICITY PLC) At long last we appear to have a product which is working well and will deter the majority of dogs from attack. (JEAN BOGG - ROYAL MAIL) We are pleased with the results of the DAZER. (M. GLYNN - MONTANA POWER CO.) I was most pleased with it's performance. (PROF C R REID - SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE, PENSYLVANIA) To illustrate one example. we were entering a Vintage on the Burmese border when the nastiest of dogs I have ever seen, foaming at the mouth and intent on savaging the world or anything else that got in it's way. Received one sound wave at about 10 feet rolled over, twisted sideways as though hit with a large stone and disappeared as if the devil was after him into the distance ! Found it works on monkeys and rats too. (PETER RHODES - TRAVEL WRITER) 1500 DAZERS units have been purchased by our area Offices for use by our Meter Readers. These have been found to be an effective means of keeping away vicious dogs. (S. CURRAN - EASTERN ELECTRICITY PLC) It is very gratifying to have something available for the staff which enables them to protect themselves from what has, in recent times, become an all too often source of injury and lost time. I am recommending the DAZER to any of our Districts who feel they have a problem with dogs. (C HERBERT - M.A.N.W.E.B. PLC) I appreciate your acknowledging my contribution to the development of the DAZER. (E. GASTEIGER - EMERITUS PROF OF PHYSICAL BIOLOGY - CORNELL UNIVERSITY)


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