Alarm wireless tuya apps gsm wifi 2 telec 2 tag 5 contact sf 2 ir radio 1 wireless siren 1 camera

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Tuya WiFi GSM home Security Protection smart Alarm System Touch screen Burglar kit Mobile APP Remote Control RFID Arm and Disarm
Package include
 Alarm wireless tuya apps gsm wifi 2 telec 2 tag 5 contact sf 2 ir radio 1 wireless siren 1 camera  
 Set B
1 * Alarm panel
2 * Remote Control
2 * RFID tag
5 * Door&Window Sensor
2 * PIR Motion Detector
1 * Wireless Siren
1 * 1080P IP Camera
1 * User manual
 NEW Upgrate WIFI GSM Alarm System (Tuya version)
This is a very Good to use home security alarm system, it is different from the old models. It is a touch screen (4.3" TFT color model), which is very convenient to operate. It is small in size and takes up very little space.
It supports Tuya apps. And there are 10 built-in languages ??that can be set.
Support downloading the Tuya APP to control the host.a regular SIM card supporting 2G/GSM, and a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n(2.4GHz) network connection.
  This host support several alarm types, when alarm occurs, will send the SMS messages which include the detector name and the alarm number to the mobile phone users , push the alarm information to mobile Tuya app, send the alarm SMS to network alarm center, and dial the phone number at the same time, user can do field monitoring and remote control after connected.
Product advantages:
 1. 4.3”TFT color full touching screen,State magnetic paste, date and time display, main interface clearly.
 2. Wifi/GSM networking alarm system
 3. Support Tuya application, and can network with other products supporting Tuya to form a complete smart home system.The host can be set and controlled by APP, supporting IOS/Android
 4. When alarm occurred, the hub sends push notifications to your phone. After that, the hub will also make phone calls to each pre-set phone number.
 5. Built in 10 languages can be set,Can set the language:Chinese, English, Russian, German, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Italian, French, Portuguese.
 6. Contains RFID tag,RFID tags are easy to carry,Easy to use,Tap RFID tag reader zone to arm and disarm.
 7. With two-way calling (PHONE FUNCTION)
 8. Small size, only takes up very little space.
  Accurate Alerts & Remote alarm notification
If thieves invade, When alarm occurred, the hub sends push notifications to your phone. After that, the hub will also make phone calls to each pre-set phone number. Support 5 groups alarm phone number setting.
Mobile app instant view the door/window open or close
Prevent children from running out of the house
 Expand Your Security System Any Time
This security systems are capable of supporting 100 wireless accessories to suit your needs precisely.
A comprehensive smart home security alarm system ensures the safety of every user's life and property. The smart home alarm system consists of an host and various front-end detectors/sensor. Front-end detectors can be divided into door sensor,PIR motion sensor, smoke detector,Gas leak detector,Alarm Siren and other equipment.
Supports linkage settings with other Tuya devices, such as Tuya LED Smart Bulb. If necessary, you can click on the picture to purchase together.
This LED Smart Bulb supports the Tuya APP. You can use your phone to remotely control the LED light on or off, and you can set various colors and brightness. At the same time, he can also be set to work with other graffiti devices, such as automatically turning on the lights when the door is opened.
SOS button
Host has SOS button,Use in case of emergency.After clicking,The alarm sounds and sends an alert notification to registered users.
  Time arm/disarm
User can use their time table, to set the time auto arm and time auto disarm, avoid to repeat daily or forgot the operation.
  Tamper switch  & Built-in backup battery
The tamper switch (lever underneath the bracket) will trigger an alarm notification if an attempt is made to remove the hub from its installed location.
Built-in backup battery, it can stand by for 8 hours if the external power is off,and it can still work about 8 hours.(built-in siren.)
Display: 4.3”TFT color full touching screen
Input Voltage: DC5V(micro USB standard connector supply)
Operating current: screen off<120mA, screen on<240mA
Standby current:<80uA
Siren output:<500mA
Wireless Frequency:433Mhz
Wireless code:eV1527
GSM system:850/900/1800/1900MHz
WIFI system:IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless standard (2.4G)
Spare battery:3.7V/500mAh Li battery
Operating temperature:0~55?
Relative humidity:<80%(no condensation)
Product size:160 x 98 x 19 mm(Length x Height x thickness)


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