2 Solar Power Infrared acoustic Bird Repeller Deterrent Pigeon Birds Scarer Pest Repellent for Outdoor Garden Use

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Solar Power Infrared acoustooptic Bird Repeller Deterrent Pigeon Birds Scarer Pest Repellent for Outdoor Garden Use


Using infrared intelligent detection, turn on the infrared LED indicator light, When have animals, they work; without animals, it is in standby mode, to reduce energy consumption and prolonging working hours.

Two modes are optional:

Night mode: there are shots during the day, and only lights flash at night

Day mode: there are shots in the daytime andnight and lights flashing.

Low voltage warning function: when the voltage is low to a certain extent, the product stops working for the purpose of protecting the battery, and flashes the red indicator to prompt charging or changing the battery.

Portable design that can be installed anywhere in your orchard or field to protect your crops, garden beds, or fruit from bird attacks.

The use of solar panels and rechargeable batteries, the use of renewable clean energy - solar energy, can save energy and protect the environment.

Only driving animals without any harmful chemicals will not pollute the environment.


Item: Infrared acoustooptic bird repellent

Power Supply: 6.5V, 0.1W amorphous silicon solar panel

Battery: 4xAA  800mAh Rechargeable battery

Battery material: Ni-MH charge for 3-4 hours at a time (continuous working condition)

Effective distance: 6-8M (depending on weather and environment)

Detection angle: 110 degrees vertical x 125 degrees level (depending on the surrounding weather)

Maximum operating current: 220mA

Standby current: =1mA

Loudspeaker: 85dB

White LED light intensity: 1800mcd

Waterproof grade: IPX4

Each Part Operations Manual:

1. Loudspeaker: It can send out simulated shots, trigger 6 shots, stop for 0.5 seconds, repeat the 6 shots again, so that the cycle is repeated for 3.7 seconds.

2. PIR mobile detector: This is a pyroelectric infrared sensor. When moving animals are in the range of detection, it will detect, let the equipment begin to work, send out a shot or a white LED lamp to flash and flash away the animals.

3. Red LED indicator light: red LED indicator light when sensing animals, indicating the working state of the equipment.

4. White LED explosion flash light: it starts to work when sensing animals, The blinking frequency is 6Hz, lasts 3.7 seconds, the device stops working and goes into standby.

5. Strong flashing white LED for some animals, such as birds, mice, cats and other with better effects.

6. Not repeatable trigger, after a single trigger, the gun rang, or after the lights flash, to delay for 1 seconds before they can trigger again.

Package includes:

1*Infrared acoustooptic bird repellent


Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.

Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thanks for your unde


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