Remote control 1 channel remote control, 33.1mhz 100 600m door gate automation self motorisation alarm remote control, 33.1mhz 1

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Italfile Jane Q 2 remote control 33,100 Mhz fixed code
 The Italfile JANEQ-2 two-button remote control is a universal replacement copier for all those remote controls that have been discontinued or no longer available on the market and that use the 33.100 MHz frequency. This model is already set up and ready to copy remote controls with 33.100 MHz frequency. with fixed code coding. Italfile products are all made in Italy.
Description Italfile Jane Q 2 remote control 33.100 Mhz fixed code

The strength of this remote control in 5 points:

    The JANE-Q remote control is considered the universal copier for fixed code remote controls par excellence
    This remote control is already set up for the 33.100 MHz frequency.

    JANE remote controls are considered the most beautiful and simplest to program, as well as being faithful to MADE IN ITALY.

    They have the distinction of being the best sellers, of fully satisfying the compatibility requests with many discontinued remote controls of other brands and the possibility of incorporating (unifying) several gate openers in the same remote control, provided they are of the same frequency.

    Easy to program. Duplicate your remote controls quickly and easily thanks to the self-learning of the code. The recognition of the frequency of your remote control occurs automatically, simply by placing the two remote controls close to each other. Press two buttons and the programming is done.

    Cavity obtained inside the body to be able to insert your set of keys, this solution makes it indestructible (many remote controls break right in the hook with the risk of losing them).

Manual in Italian / English, supplied with the remote control.

To program the JaneQ, your remote control must still be fully functional in order to transfer the code.


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