Motion sensor detector volumetric external infrared ae/irmw 3 technologies 1 microwave View larger

Motion sensor detector volumetric external infrared ae/irmw 3 technologies 1 microwave

The IRMW detector is a sensor for external protection which uses d

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The IRMW detector is a sensor for external protection which uses different technologies combined to
optimise the detection of intrusion in protected areas and is suitable for applications in external environments
such as balconies, scaffolding and gardens, guaranteeing a high level of reliability and high immunity from
false alarms. The triple technology IRMW detector consists of a double infrared sensor with Fresnell lenses
and a microwave sensor:
- the infrared section consists of a double pyroelectric with a double element and low noise, compensated for
temperature and protected from radio-frequency disturbance and that generated by white light;
- the microwave section is a ‘Doppler’ effect detector generated by a strip-line aerial.
The microwave section is continuously off and is only activated when one or both of the infrared sections
detect a movement at the same time. The operation of the detecting sections can be programmed via a dipswitch,
in AND or OR logic:
- AND gives the alarm when the two infrared sections and microwave section detect a movement within 3
seconds (programming useful in critical situations due to the existence of unstable elements, plants and trees,
etc., or when there are animals like dogs and cats). - OR gives an alarm when the microwave section and only
one infrared section detect a movement. This programming is useful in environments with a particularly high
level of stability thus also enabling detection of slight movement. This is suitable for internal applications.
The sensor is produced in a sealed container with IP54 level of protection; it is self-protected against opening,
detachment from the wall (an option), and masking of the detector – a metal screen ‘blinds’ the microwave
and generates a specific alarm.
?? Power supply from 10,5 to 14 Vdc. Nominal 12Vdc.
?? Consumption: at rest < a 1,5mA, in alarm state 12mA for 4sec max.
?? Lasting of the alarm transmitted signl: 1,2 sec
?? Scope: from 5m to 15m inclined 90°.
?? Height installation: 0,8-1,4 m (recommended 1m)
?? Microwave “MW” coverage: 90° horizontal 36° vertical
?? “Doppler” detector with “Strip-Line”
?? Two sections passive infrared detector “IR1+IR2” with Fresnell lens.
?? Infrared detector with pyroelectric sensor, double-element with temperature compensation.
?? Zones of infrared detection: min. 2, max. 18* on two levels.
* The number of active areas depends on the programming of the screen supplied with detector (see
?? Microwave frequency: 10,525GHz.
?? Technology of alarm processing: DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
?? Detector programming: AND-OR through dip-switch.
?? Operation programming with alarm inhibition for 2 minutes
?? Microwave sensitivity adjustment through trimmer “RANGE MW”
?? Detection time: from 0.2 to 3.5m/sec
?? Immune to the movement of small animals of a height of less than 80 cm with AND programming and
detector installed at 1 metre.
?? Immunity against:
- RFI/EMI 3V/m between 0.1MHz-500MHz.
- light >10.000 Lux
?? Control of alarm activation 1st section upper passive infrared: red led “IR1”
?? Control of alarm activation 2nd section lower passive infrared: red led “IR2”
?? Control of alarm activation microwave section: yellow led “MW”
?? Excludable leds display.
?? Protection of the mechanics with detection of opening of the cover and detaching from the wall
?? Anti-masking protection with detection of ‘blinding’ of microwave section.
?? “C-NC” contact alarm relay scope 100mA/24Vdc.
?? “C-NC” anti-masking relay contact scope 100mA/24Vdc.
?? Output anti-sabotage tamper (opening and removal from wall) contact “C-NC” scope 100mA/24Vdc.
?? Working temperature: from -10°C to +55°C.
?? Protection (mechanical parts): IP54.
?? Dimensions: 180x96x70mm depth with canopy 121mm.
?? Weight: 425g.
?? Preparation for use with special bracket (requires the code AE/STF-IRMW) for inclined installation.
Warning! The maximum inclination that can be obtained with the bracket on the horizontal plane
is 45°.


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