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Respiratory mask filter mr filtration

Information about masks usage: - mask are not toy: They must be only used if your life is threatened, and just for the required time to leave the toxic area. -

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Dimensions 95x100x55mm. Weight 40gr

MASK delivered with a single filter (ref. MRC) OPTION: 1 OR SEVERAL FILTERS (ref. MRC)

the big advantage of the reference MR mask is that this mask comes with an MRC reference filter. Every day, simply replace the MRC reference filter on each MR reference mask.
We suggest placing orders for 50 pieces of MRC ref filter. For example, the packs of 50 MRCX50 reference filters are more advantageous.

Information regarding the use of masks: Masks are not toys: they should only be used as a last resort, if you think you are in a contaminated area and just have time to move away from this area. You should not use them in the absence of danger, and even less put yourself voluntarily in a risk zone on the pretext that you are wearing a mask.

As with any protection, a mask cannot guarantee 100% protection from all risks. The mask must be positioned VERY meticulously, even in a crisis situation you must not give in to precipitation. The hair must not obstruct the contact of the mask with the skin. Wearing a beard may prevent the gas mask from sealing. Read the instructions for masks and filters carefully before use.

Masks are for ADULTS only. Do not entrust them to children, do not leave them within the reach of children, take care that children do not play with them: they could suffocate by improper handling. Filters should only be used for a few hours while leaving the contaminated area, and should be discarded after use.

A mask is not a magic protection to all dangers. It is a way to significantly increase your protection against toxic agents, but it cannot guarantee foolproof protection. Wearing a mask is only the first step for good protection, other steps can be implemented: for example wearing a dry suit, or better still a closed circuit breathing system with oxygen cylinders.

Wearing a mask when you have the flu This is one of the solutions proposed by the INPES and the Ministry of Health in their campaign to prevent viral respiratory diseases, which are particularly virulent this season. This prevention campaign aims to make a lasting change in the behavior of French people when they are sick and to instill in them some simple hygienic gestures. Indeed, the last 2 centuries have proven enough that good hygiene leads to health progress.

Here are some tips to put in place to avoid contaminating those around you when you are sick: - wash your hands regularly: an action with an essential role in hygiene, because it is by the hands that most diseases infectious spread; - use a disposable handkerchief for single use: an essential accessory when sneezing or coughing to throw away immediately after use; - wear a surgical mask: the mask, by retaining infectious particles, makes it possible to limit contamination of the environment and its surroundings. It must be changed every 4 hours or if it is wet.


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