Universal control unit for controlling one or two gate sliding gate motors View larger

Universal control unit for controlling one or two gate sliding gate motors

Dimensions: 195x250x90mm. Weight: 1.6Kg

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CENTRAL programmable universal to order one or two single phase for Gates to operate:_x000d_ 1 or 2 sliding - TILT - Rolling - a leaf or two card equipped with automatic programming BROADCAST RECEIVER 434MHz and Rolling CODE 4 JOLLY FIXED a brand and any model._x000d_ The central microprocessor I / SA08 is a universal core that allows for any facility that provides for the operation of portals, as well as sliding doors - equipped with single or double - over doors, curtains rolling with a connection to differentiated stops each engine: a sheet with sliding doors of the motor slip a beating piston engine of a hydraulic or electromechanical doors piston hydraulic or electromechanical an overhead door with one or two engines of a rolling curtain_x000d_ The plant is equipped with a device that adjusts the driving force and deceleration for each engine. The high reliability of the plant against the problems caused by electrostatic discharge induction and is guaranteed by the presence of optical isolators at all entrances, able to ensure electrical isolation up 1500Volts. The center is equipped with a radio standard that operates at the frequency of 434 MHz, and a decoding system for scheduling automatic variable code signals, to receive codes transmitted by our transmitter JOLLY4 four channels. It is possible to receive and decode signals from transmitters Fixed code (binary or ternary), as well as other manufacturers, provided they operate on the same frequency (434MHz) or by replacing the receiver module, always operating in the frequency the 868 MHz frequencies quartz


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