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Temperature detection gate.
Channel infrared temperature gate is a kind of accurate and convenient temperature measurement equipment.
When standing in front of the door, the forehead is aimed at the temperature measuring point for 2 seconds, the temperature measuring door will make a "dripping" sound.
The temperature measurement door will automatically broadcast voice: if the temperature is normal, it will prompt "temperature measurement is normal, please pass", and the real-time measured temperature value will be displayed on the LED display screen. If the temperature is abnormal, more than 37.3C (can be set by yourself), the sound and light alarm will prompt "temperature measurement abnormal please further accurate measurement", and the real-time measured temperature value will be displayed on the LED display screen.
It is easy to use and can be installed in public places with large flow, such as schools, stations, airports, subway entrances and exits, shopping malls, supermarkets, industrial and mining enterprises, and all kinds of exhibitions.
Moreover, it is easy to install, high accuracy and low false alarm rate, which makes it not only to detect and alarm people with high temperature, but also to be used as a rapid temperature measurement equipment.
The temperature gate uses high-precision infrared temperature sensor, which has high precision and high resolution, and does not require high environment and sunlight.
The measurement error is ±0.5 ℃ and the resolution is 0.1 ℃ at room temperature.
The setting value of the alarm temperature is 37.3 ℃ (adjustable). The temperature is displayed in real time when the temperature measuring door is working, when it exceeds 37.3 ℃, the alarm is given, and the last detection temperature is displayed when no one passes through.
Product features:
With a single probe structure, the temperature can be measured by people with a height of 1.3mi 1.9m. (optional with double probes, suitable for 0.9mi 1.9m).
Alarm lamp, real person voice alarm warning;
It is specially designed for densely populated situations to meet the requirements of rapid preliminary screening.
Door structure, more stable, more beautiful;
The product adopts fireproof board material, which can achieve simple installation and beautiful appearance under the condition of ensuring the safety of the product.
Measuring time: 2 seconds.
Time interval of multiple measurements: 2 seconds.
Product parameters:
Temperature measurement range: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃.
Temperature measurement error: ±0.5 ℃ (at room temperature).
Resolution: 0.1 ℃.
Working power supply: 220V/50HZ.
Power: < 18W.
Channel size: 200 (H) * 68 (W) * 56 (D) CM.
Form factor: 222 (H) * 80 (W) * 67 (D) CM.
Packing size: door panel: 230*72*25CM (2 pieces / box).
Main chassis: 78*47*28CM (1 / box).
Net weight: 51kg/ set gross weight: 65kg/ set.
Operation instructions:
Set the operation mode of temperature difference compensation value: press the "select" key to appear "1234", then press the "select" key and "debug" key to enter the password "2345", and then press the "confirm" key.
Set high temperature alarm value operation: press the "select" key will appear "1234", then press the "select" key and "debug" key to enter the password "5432", and then press the "confirm" button, the factory default value is 37.3 degrees;


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