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Generator smoke diffuser 12v FNFOG + cartridge of smoke 120m3 20sec compatible camera wifi

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Generator smoke diffuser 12v FNFOG + cartridge of smoke 120m3 20sec compatible camera wifi
What can't be seen,can't be stolen!

Every day we witness people helplessly discovering thefts against which traditional security systems have proven ineffective.

The concept underlying FNFOG is as simple as it is logical: within a few seconds it makes it impossible to see inside the protected premises, thus preventing access to and removal of goods, with the intruders having no option but to flee.

FNFOG therefore takes the concept of the security fog and redesigns the aspects for which a smoke discharging system is for technical or economic reasons not feasible.

How does it work

FNFOG can, in just a few seconds, saturate an area of 120 cubic metres through the production of a large amount of smoke. The smoke is non-toxic and does not leave any traces, while the single-use cartridge requires just a few minutes to change.

The wiring consists of just two wires, making installation and servicing extremely quick and clean.

Product Description
>High quality FNFOG produces non-toxic fog from solid raw material.
>The non-corrosive fog can be natural degraded.
>Fog can stay in the air for 60 minutes in enclosed space.
>Varieties of startup modes are approved. The FNFOG can be seamlessly integrated with other security products.
> it does not require an electrical power supply.
> there is no electrical current consumption.
> it is decidedly lower in price.
>Anti-sabotage impact-resistant shell.
>Ease installation and maintain.

> Emission time: 20 secs
> Saturation area: max. 120 cubic metres
> Electrical power supply: not required
> Activation: electrical impulse (min. 3 Volt)
> Detonation energy (guaranteed activation): 2.5 mJ/Ohm
> Current required (guaranteed activation): 1 A per detonator total 2 A
> Minimum impulse time (guaranteed activation): 100 ms

Physical characteristics
> Dimensions: L: 158, W: 101, H: 130 (mm)
> Weight: 900 g
> Shell material: Aluminum
> Colour: Silvery grey

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