2m antifreeze electric heating cable cord aquacable-2 pipe frost protection with water hose thermostat

PIPE HEATING CABLE FOR ANTIFREEZE AQUACABLE ® with thermostat 5 ° C and its management integratedTO FREEZE PROTECTION OF YOUR PIPE METAL OR PLASTIC ...2 meter cord with antifreeze thermostatTh

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1 x Antifreeze electric heating cable cord 2m shpt-2m pipe frost protection with water hose thermostat

The built-in thermostat heats the cable when the temperature drops below 3 ° C and off at a minimum temperature of 3 ° C.Characteristiccord antifreeze protects pipes against freezing coldthe c


PIPE HEATING CABLE FOR ANTIFREEZE AQUACABLE ® with thermostat 5 ° C and its management integrated
2 meter cord with antifreeze thermostat

The electric heating cables provide freeze AQUACABLE you the best system of tracing.
They are designed to prevent any risk of bursting due to freezing pipes. Designed for protection against freezing your pipes.
Thanks to its electrical outlet and thermostat, installation is simple, fast and safe.
The power of 10w / m cables prohibits overheating your pipes while ensuring optimum frost protection.
When it is cold, the thermostat turns on the heating cable. And when it is hot, the thermostat prevents current flow for energy savings.
The cable is made of thermoplastic with a braid for mechanical protection and earthing and a protective outer jacket, the included cable length of 2m between taking unheated and heated portion.


Hot length: 2m
Out Cold: 2m
Total length: 4m
Frost thermostat included
Set temperature 5 ° C
Rated voltage of 230V
Tolerances on power-2.5W +
Maximum temperature exposure turned 60 ° C
Maximum exposure temperature 60 ° C off
Minimum bending radius 5 x Ad
Minimum installation temperature - 35 ° C
Ingress Protection: IP X7
CE certification, compliant NF C15-100

The faulty electrical installations can lead to electric shock or short circuit. For the protection of people, animals and plants, a circuit breaker residual current (IF) of 30 mA is required in principle.
Observe the requirements of your country relating to this subject.
Do not expose the heating cable and the connecting cable (or plug socket) with water or other liquids.
The heating cable AQUACABLE antifreeze should be used for water pipes having a maximum diameter DN 40 (1 ½ inches).
Connecting the heating cable must conform to VDE 0100 and produced exclusively by authorized in the rules of art.
The heating cable must be applied to the underside of the pipe along horizontally.
The heating cable must be precisely tuned to the length of the pipe.
The thermostat at the end of the heating cable must not be loaded mechanically. It is not permissible to bend or squeeze by hand or with tools.
The thermostat must be mounted carefully to the left or right of the pipe. This unit only with cable ties temperature resistant and keep a distance of 600 mm.
To prevent fire, observe a minimum distance of 30 cm between the heating cable Frost and flammable substances.
Apply insulation mineral wool or foam (maximum thickness: 20 mm).
The isolation of mineral wool can absorb moisture, usually in isolation foam does not absorb moisture.
Too great a thickness insulation may cause overheating
The heater must not be shortened or lengthened. If it is hot, there is a risk of overheating, and is elongated, the heat required is no longer sufficient.
The heating cable AQUACABLE antifreeze should never be put into service until it is wound, otherwise you risk damaging the insulation (overheating).
The heating cables must not intersect or be placed one beside the other.
If the heating cable is too long (Error project), it should not be wrapped around the pipe forming tight loops (risk of accumulation of heat, temperature: 65 ° C).
Protect the heating cable against the sharp edges, and the hot oil.
Before installing the heating cable antifreeze, make sure the area around the pipe and is freely accessible sharp edges and flammable substances have been removed.
Preparing the power supply: the heating cable antifreeze starts after verification of the conformity of the electrical outlet. Only use cables checked VDE, CE.
The heating cable Frost will not be in service before the beginning of the cold season (be sure to insert the plug into an appropriate socket and line).
Before the start of the heating season, check the antifreeze heating cable to see the damage, if any.


The heating cable is dimensioned to 230 V AC voltage according to protection class I, is used to heat water pipes to -20 ° C.
The thermostat is provided for controlling the temperature of the pipe to the position where the temperature is likely to lower. Reducing the need for electric power is automatically adjusted to the minimum absolutely necessary. This is done by maintaining the measuring surface, that is to say, the flat portion of the thermostat, in direct contact with the pipe by means of two adhesive strips attached adjacent to the thermostat or using two cable tie plastic. Fixation, however, should not exert pressure on the thermostat, because this leads to deformations in the connection area. To connect the frost protection thermostat reacts to a temperature of from 5 ° C. A hysteresis control switch provides quite large temperature increase throughout the region of the pipe, so that the power supply is interrupted if the temperature exceeds 15 ° C. This hysteresis reduces the number of operations in favor of a longer service life and avoids requesting the thermostat too often.
The excess length of the heating cable is distributed over the length of the pipe laying loops. It is absolutely necessary to avoid crossing the heating cable.
The fixing is made by means of an adhesive tape (aluminum) or with cable ties plastic in place freely. Cable ties too tight will damage the heating cable.
Operation antifreeze up to -20 ° C is only guaranteed if you use insulation offered by us. If the heating cable is wrapped with aluminum tape, installation is easier, avoids the loss of localized heat to the pipe and the heat is evenly distributed.

All lengths are available as standard electric heating cables AquaCable:

AQUACABLE 100 W-10 10m
AQUACABLE 120 W-12 12m
AQUACABLE 140 W-14 14m
AQUACABLE 180 W-18 18m
AQUACABLE 220 W-22 22m
AQUACABLE 240 W-24 24m
AQUACABLE 280 W-28 28m
AQUACABLE 320 W-32 32m
AQUACABLE-36 360W 36m
AQUACABLE 480 W-48 48m


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