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Premier de notre gamme mono-antenne, ce système présente un excellent rapport performances/ encombrement. Spécialement conçu pour les toutes petites surfaces, il allie économie et qualité. Le système


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1 x Surveillance system mono aerial commercial devices portal anti shoplifting system protection system surveillance system mono aer

First of our mono-antenna range, this system presents an excellent performances / dimensions ratio. Specially conceived for very small stores , it combines economy and quality.The standard mono-ante

100 x Tag tag 1.95 mhz for mono aerial system mono aerial system tag mono aerial system tags mono aerial tag mono aerial tags

L'étiquette rigide est utilisée pour la solidité de sa coque, son attache mécanique ainsi que son poids réduit. Elle permet de protéger tous les textiles (convient très bien aux fibres très sensible

1 x Magnetic Intensity 7500gs Security Tag Remover Magnetic Force Hard Detacher EAS Tag

Magnetic Intensity 7500gs Security Tag Remover Magnetic Force Hard Detacher EAS Tag Golf Detacher Removers magnetic hard tagsFeatures: Easy to use. EAS hammer hard tag release device, su


First of our range of mono antennas, this system offers an excellent performance/size ratio. Especially designed for small areas, its combines economy and quality.

This system is easy to install and covers a large area.

The mono antenna system is made of an antenna and a power supply box. It can be painted with RAL painting.

Work only with Mono1.95 Mhz tags.

Frequency : 1.95 Mhz

Composition : metal, epoxy paint, metal box, .

Dimensions :
-Height : 17200mm
Width : 475mm
-Tube diameter : 32mm

Pack including an antenna (réf. AN1.195), 100tags+pins( réf. ANB195 ) and a detacher ( réf. AND )


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