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Adapter to go to Switzerland and LiechtensteinThe adapter transforms a growing international power (eg British, European, American) into a power outlet Switzerland.Plug adapter TP-CH for EU (Schuk

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Adapter to go to Switzerland and Liechtenstein
The adapter transforms a growing international power (eg British, European, American) into a power outlet Switzerland.
Plug adapter TP-CH for EU (Schuko), USA, Italy for supply of electrical equipment Class I for use in countries: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Maldives etc.
This AC travel adapter has a universal face for connecting all electrical appliances whether French or foreigners in Switzerland and Liechtenstein!
It meets RoHS standards and D3E., Check that your devices work well on the local voltage! This adapter does not convert 110V to 220V and vice versa; why do you direct to a transformer power.

From: France, Belgium, Germany, Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, China, Mexico, America etc.
To: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Jordan, Madagascar, Rwanda, Maldives etc. (Complete List: ////
Type "J"

Notice: Small device that allows the use of English taken in Switzerland, I have not found where I live. Very cheap, very large, white, it fits for recording France, Belgium and others. The photos made ??me fear that this is not the adapter that matches, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was fitted perfectly and worked well. It allows me, especially, the use of purchased in England with the same amperage devices. The scores made ??me doubt, and I watched the connection, but after several hours and several days, there is no heating of the adapter, and connectors are stable. I use it for a lamp daylight English only, as some French appliances come with the same power as in Switzerland, or I use a French adapter for a long time.
A small device that expanded my range of choices to devices from other latitudes, including England.


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