2 halogen bulbs g9 40w 220v 230v 240v clear 2000h lamp h212hq View larger

2 halogen bulbs g9 40w 220v 230v 240v clear 2000h lamp h212hq

G9 halogen bulbs are used for lighting in narrow places. Halogen bulbs should never be touched with bare hands as this will reduce their lifespan.The advantages of G9 bulbs are its compact dimensi

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2 x Halogen bulb g9 40w 220v 230v 240v clear 1 pc 2000h lamp light lighting energy economy

Les ampoules halogène G9 sont utilisées pour l'éclairage dans les endroits très étroits. Les ampoules halogène ne doivent jamais être touchées directement avec les mains car cela réduit leur durée de



This smoke detector non radioactive photoelectric detector reacts to all types of smoke and warns you with its built in 85dB buzzer. This stand alone detector model needs no wiring and can be used in a shop, house or flat. Designed for ceiling mounting.
A single sensor can cover about 60m2. There is a test button and a low battery warning light. Not expensive and may help to avoid a disaster.

The indispensable smoke DETECTOR
The smoke detector has saved thousands of lives all over the world - and remember fires also occur in Spain!
Most casualties are not caused by fire but smoke. Carbon monoxide, which developes quickly, poisons the sleeping occupants and leaves them unconscious. As a sad result the occupants do not wake up when the fire spreads. They are poisoned by smoke and burn to death.
Because of the carbon monoxide poisoning many casualties are reported even at small fires. A smoke detector could have prevented this as a powerful siren is set off whenever it senses the slightest smoke..
Do not hesitate! Buy the smoke detector today!
The smoke detector is delivered with a detailed user's guide in your own language.
A few examples of fires with fatal results, which could have been avoided with a smoke detector:
Someone falls asleep in front of the fireplace, a spark sets the carpet on fire, the fire spreads and his sleep becomes unconsciousness.
A candle is left alight in the living room and sets the tablecloth on fire, whilst the occupants are sleeping in their beds unaware of the danger. They never wake up!
A burning cigarette left on the edge of an ashtray sets some papers laying on the desk on fire. The fire spreads to the curtains and the carbon monoxide poisons the children sleeping in their bedroom whilst the parents watch TV downstairs. When they discover the fire it is too late.
- it´s all about your safety!


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